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A status symbol of a new kind

AL-Time is a watch for people who value the possibilities of the present and aim to make the most of every moment.
AL-Time is an affordable, contemporary classic, that looks the part without feeling heavy on the wrist.

Time is luxury – Use it mindfully.

A watch for a new era –
light, durable, authentic

A watch with a profile.

Each AL-Time watch sports an ultra-lightweight case, extruded from high-grade Aluminum.
The name AL-Time derives from AL-13, the code for Aluminum on the perodic table of elements.

A watch with a face.

At AL-time we see the number 13 as a reminder for taking yourself an extra hour a day to do the things you really love.
That’s why we’ve included a signature extra hour marker on our dial – you may take it as your lucky number.